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Benefits of Detailed Spot Work

                            Benefits of Detailed Spot Work

1) Bring significant changes that can be seen and felt, in the tension and holding pattern.

2) Lasting benefits through deep tissue work, myofascial release and stretching.

3) No wasted strokes or techniques or time that can take away from the area that need additional work.

4) Relaxation is achieved with slow deep techniques that last for a few days.

5) Knowing that tension and holding patterns are deep, and deeper techniques are needed and will enhance the relaxation response once released.

6) Once deep tension and holding patterns are released through the adhesive area, more range of motion and blood flow is acquired.

7) Isolation of individual muscles have a greater variation in where their restrictions lie.

8) More flexibility is obtained and stretching is more comfortable.

9) No rushing on the areas of tension and holding patterns.

10) Individualized treatments to your body's needs.

11) More circulation to the areas of tension and holding patterns

12) Due to more blood flow and range of motion, the body recovers much quickly and relaxes to ease away pain, stiffness and soreness.

Thank you for reading this article and please keep in mind that this type of therapy is deep and can be a painful treatment for you.

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